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Photography Service

Are you looking for someone to photograph your truck? I am a truck enthusiast and have over 40 years experience of commercial vehicle photography.

With a few exceptions, I took all of the photographs on this website. For a free estimate contact Roy now at:

Retouching Service

Do you have a favourite photograph that would look even better if that lamppost wasn’t sticking out of the cab roof, or one where those warehouse doors would make a much better background if they weren’t covered in graffiti? Our retouching service can clean up all those unwelcome parts of your photo.

Why not send a copy or a JPEG to ARTiculation Pix? We can scan your photoprint or process your digital file, but please remember that we cannot do this if you do not own the copyright, or if you do not have written permission from the owner of the copyright. If you send a digital file, please make sure it is at as high a resolution as possible. The higher the resolution the better your picture will look!

The cost for this service is based on the time we think it will take to do the retouching. We will give you a price before we start the job. If we don’t think the end result will be very satisfactory we will say so and return your images unaltered, free of charge.